Schedule of Courses

The University Grants Commission has allotted the following courses to the Human Resource Development Centre during the academic session 2016-2017


Name of the proposed courses


General Orientation Courses                                                                      04


Refresher Courses                                                                                        07


Refresher Course in Women and Child Development.


Refresher Course in Behavioral Sciences.


Refresher Course in Mathematical Sciences.


Refresher Course in Physics.


Refresher Course in Urdu and Persian.


Refresher Course in Children in difficult circumstances


Refresher Course for Teacher Educators


Short Term Courses                                                                                    06


Research Methodology workshop for Science Scholars.


Research Methodology workshop for Social Sciences, Commerce & Management Scholars


Research Methodology workshop for Humanities Scholars


One week short term course in IT


Two Workshops of One week duration for non academic Staff.


Other Courses                                                                                          02


Special Summer School


Special Winter School