Schedule of Courses with Tentative Dates for the Academic Session 2012-13


General Orientation Courses: 05

Refresher Courses: (01 in each of the following)

1.      Refresher Course in Applied Sciences and Technology (ID) – Duration 2/3 weeks

(Computer Applications, Electronics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Food Processing and Technology, Nanotechnology, Instrumentation Technology)

2.      Refresher Course in Biological Sciences (ID) – Duration: 2/3 weeks (Biotechnology, Bio-

      informatics & Biostatistics , Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Bioresources)

3.      Refresher Course in Physical and Material Sciences(ID) – Duration: 2/3 weeks

      (Environmental Sciences, Chemistry of Natural Products, Nuclear and Biophysics)

4.      Refresher Course in Regional Languages (Kashmiri, Dogri, Ladakhi, Punjabi) – Duration

      2/3  weeks

5.      Refresher Course in National Languages (ID) – Duration 2/3 weeks

6.      Refresher Course in Women’s Studies (ID) – Duration: 2/3 weeks

7.      Refresher Course in Library and Information Sciences – Duration: 2/3 weeks

8.      Refresher Course in Economics/Commerce/Management Studies(ID) – Duration: 2/3

       weeks (E-Commerce and Investments, Entrepreneurship Development, Educational

       Institutional Management, International Trade and Commerce)

9.      Refresher Course in Education and Psychology – Duration: 2/3 weeks

10.  Refresher Course in Human Rights, Peace and Conflict Studies (ID)– Duration: 2/3 weeks

11.  Research Methodology (Social Sciences and Humanities) – Duration 2/3 weeks

12.  Research Methodology  (Quantitative Techniques in Economics) – Duration: 1/2 weeks

Short-term Courses:(01 in each of the following)

1.      Short-term Course in Modernization of Academic Libraries – Duration: 1 week

2.      Short-term Course in Motivation and Personality Development – Duration: 1 week

3.      Short-term Course in Consumer Protection Act – Duration: 1 week

4.      Short-term Course in Right to Information Act (ID): Duration: 1 week

5.      Short-term Course of three-day duration on Information and Communication Technology

      for non-teaching staff

6.      Short-term Course of three-day duration on Right to Information Act for non-teaching staff

7.      Short-term Course of one week duration on Institutional Management at College Level

8.      Short-term Course on Human Resource and Finance Management for College Principals –

      Duration: 3 days

9.      Short-term Course for senior administrators of colleges and universities – Duration: 3 days

10.  Short Term Course in Challenges and Solutions for Cyber Security-   Duration : 2/3 days

11.  Short Term Course in Recent Advances in Mixed Signal Processing – Duration :2/3 days

Summer Schools: (02 in each of the following)

1.            Summer School - Interaction with M.Phil/Ph.D. Scholars – Duration: 1 week

2.            Summer School – Interaction with University Faculty – Duration: 1 week

Other Courses/Seminars/Programmes: (01 in each of the following)

1.            Three-day National Seminar on History and Heritage of Kashmir

2.            Three-day national seminar on Challenges and Perspectives in higher education

3.            Skill development programme of one week duration for non-teaching staff

4.            Interaction programme of one week duration with M.Phil and Ph.D Scholars

5.            Faculty Development Programme in Information and Communication Technology (ID) –

Duration: 1/2 weeks